Raising Awareness of Human Rights Within The Field of Mental Health
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Often, the only way to drive cultural changes and to right abuses that engulf our world is to take action against such abuses, to stand up against wrongs and "be counted". However, we know that this is often impractical and can be dangerous.

So, if YOU know something and need someone else to do something about it – please tell us. We endeavour to take action, ensuring offenders are reported, campaigns are fought, and wrongs are put right. We act with discretion and always carefully put the safety and security of the individual or the patient first. But we believe in ACTION.

CCHR South Africa is committed to:

    • Supporting individuals who have the courage and strength to report crimes and abuses within the mental health system.
    • Supporting and protecting those whistleblowers who want to right the wrongs they have been supporting.
    • Helping professionals who are being harassed or victimised for speaking out.
    • Helping investigate reported crimes or abuses within the mental health system.
    • Helping professionals to effectively and confidentially report crimes to the correct agencies or police departments, without being victimised for doing so.

Because of the nature of mental health, with psychiatrists believing they are above the law, and patients vulnerable and often labelled delusional or hallucinating when wishing to report a crime, the potential for abuse is unlimited and often crimes go unreported. Crimes such as illegal restraints causing death, sexual assaults on their patients, financial irregularities, fraud, experimentation without consent and even death by drugs or gross negligence are common place within mental health.

Therefore, the whistleblower must be protected at all costs and allowed to report such crimes without harassment or threats. Too many stories about the whistleblower losing their job, being harassed or victimised for daring to speak out and report abuses.

CCHR South Africa, aware of many such cases, provides a confidential and safe platform for whistleblowers to tell their story. In many cases, CCHR can assist individuals in advice, writing complaints, referring to professionals who will protect their identity, report the crimes safely, and help to protect their livelihoods.

If you would like to speak to a professional CCHR representative in confidence, click here to tell us more and someone will contact you.

Report Psychiatric Abuse
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School psychologist Darren Marc Goddard charged with sexual offences relating to children in a Pietermaritzburg school.
Published by CCHR SA - 19/8/2018
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Electroconvulsive therapy, a psychiatric “treatment” that has never produced evidence of being safe or effective.
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Exhibit Motivates Tribal Resolution To Decry Psych's Drugging Of Youth
Rev. Fred Shaw Jr. and King Thomas Edgar Brown, cut the ribbon on the Psychiatry: An Industry of Death exhibit in Cape Town, South Africa.
Published by CCHR SA - 15/12/2017
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