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Filmed and written statements from psychiatric victims and parents whose children committed suicide shortly after being prescribed mind-altering drugs or other psychiatric treatment will now appear as both a public information service and warning on CCHR's website. (Note: These interviews will only be available on our International site).

There will be more video of psychiatric abuse victims to come ...

These statements are from the International website and can be viewed from there. Two options for viewing - broadband and dial up - and you will need a player to view them in.

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Report psychiatric abuse.  It's a crime.

The FDA: From Cover-up to Black Box Warning

Click below to watch the video - "The FDA: From Cover-up to Black Box Warning"



 "I had two sons-David Lee, age 8 and Billy, 16-and my wife of 20 years-all gone. After being on Prozac for 21 days, my wife shot and killed both of these two boys…."  This testimony from Tucker Moneymaker before the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hearing into an antidepressant in 1991 was ignored, along with the stories of dozens of other victims and scientists. A panel of 9 psychiatrists, many with financial ties to pharmaceutical companies, heard the chilling testimony but refused to sound the alarm that the antidepressant could cause suicide and violence. Fourteen years later, on July 1, the victims were vindicated after the FDA warned that SSRI antidepressants potentially cause suicide not just in children but also in adults. Last year, an FDA Advisory also acknowledged the drugs could cause hostility and aggression.  CCHR has launched a forum on its website for victims of psychiatric drugs and misdiagnosis to report their abuse and to revisit the 1991 FDA Hearings in a mini-documentary, "The FDA: From Cover Up to 'Black Box' Warning." Last October, the FDA ordered a "black box" label warning that children can become suicidal while taking the drugs. Since 1991, over 100 children have committed suicide after being prescribed antidepressants and more than 25 people have been killed and 50 wounded by teens' murderous shooting sprees while taking the drugs. Millions of adults have suffered other side effects including sexual dysfunction and "electric shock-like sensations" while withdrawing from them.

Report psychiatric abuse.  It's a crime.

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