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These links are provided as access to reference sites only. It is always best to make a decisions based on the most facts possible. While they are internation links, they are full of thought prevoking data.

The purpose of this website is to educate parents worldwide on the facts about today’s widespread practice of labeling children mentally ill and drugging them with heavy, mind-altering, psychiatric drugs. Armed in this way, loving parents will be able to prevail in the face of the enormous “drug children now” pressures so entrenched in society today. Protected in this way, our children will be spared the totally unnecessary misery of a drug-hazed youth, succeeded by the risk of a drug-consumed adulthood.

In the wake of the September 11th terrorist attacks, many questions were asked. Chief amongst these was: “What sort of a person is capable of such evil?”

Numerous “answers” have been given in the media, but none exposed the source that not only underlies many of the acts of worldwide terrorism, but also dozens of other “random” acts of violence.

This website provides an anatomy of terrorism, one which was not discussed in the media. It is, however, one that contributes considerable sense to what has been, to date, almost entirely unfathomable.

De-registered, even criminally charged and jailed psychiatric professionals can skip states, even countries, and continue practicing. Some of the most infamous mental health criminals continue to “care” for the most vulnerable in society by simply changing cities or countries. contains a database of convicted mental health practitioners reported to CCHR International as a public interest service to law enforcement agencies, health care fraud investigators, immigration offices, international police agencies, medical and psychological licensing boards and the general public.


Read our booklets on CCHR's latest exposés. Different versions are available for printing purposes. Please make contact with our offices should you require the hi-resolution print-ready versions.

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