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CCHR has been on the front lines of mental health reform since 1969. In the early years, members of CCHR took to the streets to bring mental health abuses to public attention. Today, hundreds of groups have joined CCHR in calling for psychiatry to be brought under the law and for human rights to be restored to the mental health field.

CCHR members are active throughout the world organizing marches, public hearings, exhibits, and other actions to raise public awareness about the rampant criminality within psychiatry.

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Museum and Exhibits

Psychiatry - An Industry of Death“Psychiatry: An Industry of Death”COMING SOON!
CCHR International is creating a state-of-the-art museum on the history of and truth about psychiatry.  Hundreds of authentic photos and artifacts will expose psychiatric human rights abuses.  Fourteen documentaries will be included, featuring interviews with dozens of medical doctors, attorneys, educators and experts, as well as rare archival footage of psychiatry's brutal treatments. 

Reporting the facts

View our interview with Jan Eastgate, President CCHR International. Also read What Science? another hoax by psychiatry. Read articles on our International webstite about what doctors and other famous people are saying about this pseudoscience.
View our page that links to interviews with victims - through the international website. Click here to access more information on our Basic Action Kit. Available both locally and from our international website.

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